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  • The Problem of Gun Control

    The Problem of Gun Control

    The number of accidents involving the use of firearms has sharply increased in the United States in recent years. Thousands of innocent people were victims of the massacre. Seventeen schoolchildren were killed as a result of the shooting of the school. Many residents of the country are seriously puzzled by what is happening and require a fierce control of weapons. Is Weapon Control Effective? Each state has its own laws that establish a framework for arms control, some of which are inadequate in the opinion of citizens. However, it is worth analyzing whether the tightening of measures can ...

  • International Trade

    International Trade

    International trade is the exchange of goods and services between state-owned enterprises. World trade is a set of foreign trade of all countries in the world. Components of International Trade World trade consists of exports and imports. Export of goods means that their implementation takes place in a foreign market. The economic efficiency of exports is determined by the fact that this country exports those products which production costs are lower than the world ones. The size of the winnings depends on the ratio of national and international prices of the product. When importing goods, ...

  • Delegated Legislation

    Delegated Legislation

    Delegated legislation is the law that is made by somebody else than parliament, however, with parliament’s authority. Usually, Government has to pass an enabling Act, which sets up the major framework of certain reform, and then to empower some subordinate body, as a rule, a Minister, to enact the detailed rules which are needed for completing the scheme. Among such enabling Acts, there is, for example, the Criminal Justice Act 2003 that provides the Secretary of State with the right to make delegated legislation in a couple of areas. One of these powers gives the right for creating the ...

  • Writing an Excellent Cause and Effect Essay

    Writing an Excellent Cause and Effect Essay

    Tips for Writing a Good Cause and Effect Writing Cause and effect essay is one of the multiple types of writing assignments teachers give their students as homework. It has some differences from other types of essays, thus, if you’ve never written one, it is possible that you may encounter some problems. To help you ace this task, we’ve assembled a short tutorial on how to write a cause and effect essay. When you receive a task to create a cause and effect essay, you must understand the main distinction of such kind of writing: describe some event or fact and provide a logical ...

  • Tips on how to Compose Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

    Tips on how to Compose Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

    Instructions on how to Write Argumentative Essay on School Uniform As it is known, a powerful argumentative essay presents air-tight evidence to back up the author's argument to persuade readers in his/her viewpoint. The argumentative essay, on the grounds of valid arguments, aims to prompt people to reconsider a certainly debatable matter. Topic Up-to-Dateness Composing an argumentative essay to discuss the necessity of school uniforms, the author should come up with a persuasive argument to advocate his/her position. As a rule, a teacher tells students what stance to take. If it was ...

  • Diabetes Essay Sample

    Diabetes Essay Sample

    The reasons which cause diabetes (or diabetes mellitus) are various. The problem which diabetics face is hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), which is caused either by the lack of insulin production because of the body cells which failed to produce the insulin or its low production. Nearly 350 million people live with diabetes. According to the World Health Organization diabetes will become the top seventh reason for death worldwide by 2030. The main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. The main forms of diabetes considering their consequences and causes are discussed ...

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