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  • The Use of Semicolon

    The Use of Semicolon

    All students who practice writing essays should learn the proper use of semicolon. If students do not use it properly, the semicolon can make the paper content sound odd, weird, and confusing. Below, you can find a brief guide and suggestions meant to show how semicolon should be used. The Reasons for Semicolon Use A semicolon can be applied, when: Unite two different sentences Distinguish items in one list The above explanation seems very simple, doesn’t it? However, it is not always that easy to understand what sentences can be joined by a semicolon. Therefore, students spend ...

  • Writing an Argumentative Police Brutality Essay

    Writing an Argumentative Police Brutality Essay

    When getting to the term “police brutality,” it is possible to define it as a professional misconduct realized through emotional or physical forces used to hit or harass somebody. The primary aim of argumentative essays is to disclose those examples of misbehavior. This type of written assignments, in fact, are very significant as they presume to reveal and put a stop to such cases done by public authorities, officers, and other people who are related to police force. The article is focused on the police brutality issue which is in the high light in New York and other cities. To ...

  • Differences and Common Features of MLA and APA

    Differences and Common Features of MLA and APA

    Academic writing involves the use of a variety of formats. However, MLA and APA are the most popular styles. They are used in many sciences and have a number of similar and distinctive features. Science Field As you know, MLA can be used in almost all humanities, while the application of the APA format has a narrower focus. This style is most often used in the areas that study public life (for example, law, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, etc.). Quotes Citations can be formatted differently in these two styles. For example, if you are creating a document in the APA format, you need to ...

  • Essay on Environment

    Essay on Environment

    The natural world that surrounds us is called environment. Our primary task is to keep it clean in order to ensure proper conditions of living. Nonetheless, the population of Earth will face the music one day due to the pollution, which has become one of the grave threats nowadays. The destruction of the living environment endangers our existence that is why the only foreseeable future could be either green or none. The advancements in science and modern technologies are indisputable and no one dares to question their magnitude. Despite the advantages they bring, the drawbacks are also ...

  • How to Write a Social Work Essay

    How to Write a Social Work Essay

    The main difference between a social work essay and other types of student papers is the presentation of your personal work experience as a social worker in the text. The author must write about social problems that are most relevant to our time and about the ways to solve them. How to Improve Your Writing Skills Use the facts from the history of sociology in your papers. Remember that the social work essay should be written in a scientific style. Therefore, it will be very appropriate to use the terms and specific terminology. Check if all the definitions are appropriate in the context. ...

  • How to Compose a Strong Research Paper Thesis Statement

    How to Compose a Strong Research Paper Thesis Statement

    Have you ever completed a writing that has been completely uncovered all the needed aspects, but you still had a feeling that something vital has been missing? Completing an appropriate thesis statement appears to be one of the most widespread problems for students. While the thesis is a core element of every writing, its absence can necessarily influence the way a reader perceives a text and how effective it is with delivering the message you aim at. The article suggests a couple of nice ideas for those, whose purpose is to complete the best fitting thesis statement for the research paper. ...


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