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  • What Is a Reflective Essay?

    What Is a Reflective Essay?

    A reflective essay is the type of writing work where you need to gather your ideas, insights, and experiences on the subject together and put them on paper. As you can understand from the title of this essay type, reflective essays are based on self-reflection – the ability of a person to explore one’s experiences and thoughts through introspection. In order to write great reflective essays, you need to read decent reflective essay examples. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Reflective Essay Being one of the most popular books in the American literature 'To Kill a Mockingbird' was based ...

  • Tips for Research Paper on Breast Cancer

    Tips for Research Paper on Breast Cancer

    The modern world offers you a lot of new researches into all types of cancer. All students face many problems before starting their paper. We will discuss and analyze the main steps and tips on how to make your research paper the best one. Theme The first problem many students face – is how to choose the relevant and topical theme. There are six "branches" of the breast cancer which you may examine in your research paper. What are the main and the most popular symptoms and their features? You may determine which of them are most accurate and dangerous. How to diagnose the breast ...

  • The Scope of Hospitality Industry

    The Scope of Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry is an industry that strives to satisfy the needs of the customer via recreation activities. This industry is a very fast growing one. However, on the downside, it is heavily dependent on tourism, which means that if the world goes through a major recession like in 2008, people will travel less, which will affect hospitality industry in a negative way.  The biggest segments of the hospitality industry are related to event planning, travel planning, night clubs, hotels, tourism, food services etc. Hospitality industry contributes to GDP of almost all nations and ...

  • Extraordinary Breaks to Take While You Edit Papers

    Extraordinary Breaks to Take While You Edit Papers

    It’s common knowledge that many students find it really boring to write papers and especially to edit them. Sometimes it even seems to them that these papers will never end. However, it is important to remember that if you spend long hours on searching relevant information for the paper, forming ideas, writing them down, and eventually making up your mind not to edit it at all, this will mean that your work is simply a waste of time. It doesn’t matter that you are not patient concerning this or are about to pull your hair out because of this monotonous paper. Bear in mind that ...

  • Qualities that Make a Great Leader

    Qualities that Make a Great Leader

    How you ever wondered what leadership itself is? How to define this notion? Thinking deeply, you will definitely come to an answer: it is an expression of the inner strength of a person. A leader is the one who knows how to lead and a person who takes responsibility for himself and other people. Someone is a commander in a fight where he needs to defend his rights with his fists. Someone is a specialist in education, in a profession. Someone can be the undisputed head of the household in the family, where everyone listens to him. There are many definitions of leadership. All these ...

  • How to Derive the Most Usefulness out of Essay Phrases

    How to Derive the Most Usefulness out of Essay Phrases

    Knowledge of the core principles and rules of writing successful academic papers are important for all students. Despite the fact that it??™s the essay topic, personal writing style and skills, academic tone, and the mastery of academic language that are the prerequisites of success, the basic essay-writing rules and essay phrases also play their key role. To develop a successful paper, students should adhere to the principles of clarity and logical consistency. Still, even if students are well aware of the basic principles of writing, they sometimes cannot provide a thoroughly ...

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