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  • How to Write a Powerful Conclusion

    How to Write a Powerful Conclusion

    The conclusion is an indispensable part of any paper. This is where you summarize everything you presented in your paper. If you want to have a powerful essay, you also need to write a powerful conclusion, which will reinforce the main point of your writing. You must have already written an introduction paragraph and thus, you can just paraphrase it and turn it into your conclusion.  Here are the things you should pay careful attention to: In a way, your conclusion will be mostly based on your introduction. For instance, if your introductory part sounds like, "In my opinion, there are ...

  • The Benefits of Travelling

    The Benefits of Travelling

    It is undeniable that there is no substitute for traveling and discovering new places or returning to favorite ones. Irrespective of the age and destination people choose to travel to, the reasons for traveling can vary: overseas posting, family and leisure trips. It does not really matter what means of transport you choose — plane, train, ship or car — traveling is usually an enjoyable experience, at least for people who have sufficient money to organize a safe and comfortable trip. Apart from recharging your batteries, spending time with your nearest and dearest, ...

  • Completing the Last Paragraphs of a Narrative Paper

    Completing the Last Paragraphs of a Narrative Paper

    When writing a narrative paper, you are supposed to present a brief story. It is aimed at telling others about your experience of a crucial and unforgettable event. The way you finalize it should make it clear what your message is. It should highlight the most significant information you wanted to deliver to the audience. The ending may be encouraging or moralizing on the lesson that you have gone through. However, you should not mention anything that was already presented previously. So, how to make the conclusion and advice, which you want to share, inspirational and clear? Realize the ...

  • Employee Motivation

    Employee Motivation

    In organizations, the system of motivation and incentives is aimed at ensuring the achievement of the goals of this enterprise. For this, selection of qualified personnel is made, which is provided with certain incentives so that employees have a desire to work. Different theories of motivation usually complement each other, contradicting only minor points. Each of them is applicable to any enterprise, but it is better to find an integrated approach to achieving the goals set for the organization. Staff Motivation Definition The goal of any motivational theory is to explain human behavior ...

  • The Use of Semicolon

    The Use of Semicolon

    All students who practice writing essays should learn the proper use of semicolon. If students do not use it properly, the semicolon can make the paper content sound odd, weird, and confusing. Below, you can find a brief guide and suggestions meant to show how semicolon should be used. The Reasons for Semicolon Use A semicolon can be applied, when: Unite two different sentences Distinguish items in one list The above explanation seems very simple, doesn’t it? However, it is not always that easy to understand what sentences can be joined by a semicolon. Therefore, students ...

  • Writing an Argumentative Police Brutality Essay

    Writing an Argumentative Police Brutality Essay

    When getting to the term “police brutality,” it is possible to define it as a professional misconduct realized through emotional or physical forces used to hit or harass somebody. The primary aim of argumentative essays is to disclose those examples of misbehavior. This type of written assignments, in fact, are very significant as they presume to reveal and put a stop to such cases done by public authorities, officers, and other people who are related to police force. The article is focused on the police brutality issue which is in the high light in New York and other cities. ... Testimonials


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