6 Mistakes to Mind While Editing Your Paper

For most students, assignment writing services are necessary to help them find and eliminate the mistakes in their academic papers and get high grades. Being a student yourself, you know that even the tiniest and silliest grammatical mistakes can cost you a reduction in grade for your paper. In some cases, your paper will not even be approved due to having similar mistakes and you will have to submit it multiple times before you eliminate all of them. Why would you do that in such a hard way, if you can just learn the most common mistakes committed by students in their papers and find the ways to avoid them in the first place? Try to avoid such mistakes in your paper:
  • Common grammatical errors. Go through your paper very carefully and you will spot these mistakes by yourself. Focus on the use of prepositions (it is one of the commonest grammar mistakes). Then read your paper once again to see if you have missed anything else.

  • Conjunctions. They are used to connect your phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Make sure you use them appropriately. Do not overburden you paper with them.

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Aptitude Tests Issue

Tests Issue Since the beginning of the XX century, the Scholastic Aptitude Test has become a key feature of measuring both merit and privilege. However, it has hardly been changing for almost thirty next years, when in the beginning of the 1950s, it became a major service for meritocracy measurement. These changes positively influenced the usage of the system and already in 1960, the University of California required the Test for entrance, hereby becoming the biggest consumer of the services. Soon, all the universities, that have a four-year education system, made the Scholastic Aptitude Test obligatory to go to any educational establishment.

Talking about the Scholastic Aptitude Test

Test Origin

Even though, the Test is now widely used for entering purposes, its history began not very brightly and even in a bit blurred way. Its founder, Mr. Carl Brigham, was a really educated and sophisticated scientist, though he was extremely prejudiced to non-white races. He considered that people of “Nordic” origin in America had to have more rights and tried to prove scientifically that such nations as the African-Americans, Jews and Italians cannot be taught the way the white Americans are. He then eventually established the test, stating that with its help, it would be quite easy to separate educable and uneducable citizens. Continue reading

4 Cool Facts about Culture Shock

Culture Shock A world is a bog and wondrous place. It is full of unique ethnicities and fascinating cultures begging to be explored. Moreover, in the age of globalization, it is easy to look things up or find a person from a country that interests you to communicate with. Why do we experience culture shock? Below we provide the best answers possible.

A bit of History

Kalervo Oberg, a renowned scholar, was the first to identify the process that he called the culture clash. He was also the one who identified the stages of shock, starting with the honeymoon stage, when everything seems wondrous, to confrontation, adjustment, and finally reaching bicultural fluency. His ideas and research are being carefully studied by anthropologists even today. Continue reading

The Influence of Single-Parent Families on Children

Single-Parent Families on Children It should be noted that according to different surveys, and studies, there are a great number of children who grow up in single-parent families. It may affect their lives in numerous ways and eventually result in educational, psychological, and social consequences. Nowadays divorce rates are constantly increasing, but most couples make the decision to break up without being aware of its impact on their kids.

Here is some information on this issue:

Educational Consequences

In case of divorce, educational and financial effects that influence the life of a child are usually interdependent. If one of the parents is left alone, he or she becomes fully responsible for making money. If they fail to earn a sufficient sum of money, they may be unable to afford an appropriate level of education for their kids. On the other hand, if they manage to get a good position with a high salary, they are likely to spend more time at work. As a result, children do not receive as much attention as they need, which can negatively affect their performance at school. This double-edged problem shows that the support of the other parent, who does not live with a child, is of utmost importance. Communication with both parents as well as their financial help is necessary for children in general and can influence their academic achievements in particular. Continue reading

How to Learn New Skills Fast

Learn New Skills Fast Fast and efficient learning is a must-have for every student. Have you ever wondered about the easiest ways of learning new skills as fast as possible? The suggested tips below will help you to understand how to do it quickly.

Tips for Faster Yet Efficient Learning

The Light Choice

Skills are various and it’s obvious that some skills are easier to learn than others. That’s why to choose the right skill to learn is really important. The reasons why people acquire new skills differ; some may just want to have a promotion, while others just want to try themselves in a new field. When picking the right talent to learn, it goes about the need to solve some problem.

A Clear Goal

Setting a clear goal statement does matter and is necessary for every learner. Here really help the questions like: What is the specific problem that a learner wants to solve? Are there any other skills that are more suitable for this situation? Continue reading