Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity The issue of race and ethnicity is one of the most controversial, but these subjects can be researched from the points of view of biology and sociology respectively. The topic on race can be easily studied as people are divided into several tracks according to the physical characteristics, such as color of skin, eye color, type and color of hair, bone structure, etc. Ethnicity is something different. This issue is observed from sociology’s point of view. There are no particular biological characteristics in ethnic origin. People define ethnicity with elements like culture, language, religion, etc.

Ethnicity connects people who have same cultural traits and share same historical ancestry. Therefore, the shared culture, language and history unite people living in one country. However, it does not necessary touch upon religion and language. For example, some Swiss do not speak German and believe in no God, but they still belong to the same German ethnicity which is associated with Christianity.

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How to Memorize Information Easily

How to Memorize Information Easily Every person has been in the situation when he/she forgot something important. Scientists still do not know exactly what makes our brain forget the necessary things. However, they have discovered many principles of the way our memory works. Based on these principles, many memorizing techniques have been developed.


When you actually understand what you have read/learned, you greatly help your brain to memorize the material. If there are any unknown words, highlight them and then return to the sentences that you did not understand. Ask your professor to clarify everything that is not clear to you until you get the point.

Previous Knowledge

All the information, which you receive, is connected to the knowledge that you have already acquired. Your brain compares the facts, searches the common features, creates associative connections, etc. Use this principle to easily memorize the details related to the issues, which you already know. So, according to this principle, in order to memorize better, you have to memorize more. Continue reading

A Few Significant Books Regarding Successful Business

Significant Books Reading books is one of the best ways to enhance your experience in a certain career because you can get from them the same material that professionals give you. However, this is rather a passive process of learning new information. It’s a well-known fact that there is a great number of different books concerning leadership, business, management, etc. I am sure that these books will undoubtedly be helpful for any student who wants to develop some practical skills in the sphere of business.

The Art of War

Sun Tzu, the author of this book, created very informative as well as captivating masterpiece. The book is included in the list of classic ones, but its main focus is how business is connected with life. The writer explained this in such a way that it might be compared to a warrior who masters martial arts since he thinks about subduing the enemy. The Art of War may be called a book with recommendations regarding how to plan well, be a good organizer and avoid conflicts in any aspect of our life. Continue reading

How to Spend Your Vacation Productively

How to Spend Your Vacation Productively Vacation is almost here, but you have no idea what you are going to do? One thing you are definitely sure about must be something worthy, because you really want to spend your time wisely. There is no need to worry, believe me, there are so many things you can do, no matter are you a student or a working person. If you feel embarrassed even at the slightest thought on the way to spend your time productively, here are some ideas for consideration.

Ideas for Your Vacation

Novelty in New Places

The first one is so obvious, it’s high time to see and explore new interesting places. You may start from the one you’ve always wanted to go to, or you may be super excited by exploring your own city and locations. It’s about novelty and your feeling of something entirely new even if it’s something you’ve been living so near. Continue reading

How to Answer Awkward Questions from Your Family

How to Answer Awkward Questions When you come home from college and meet your family, be ready to hear a number of questions on personal topics. Sometimes these questions can get really awkward. You can’t avoid them, but you can learn to find good answers. The answers that will satisfy your relatives, but won’t reveal too much of your personal life. These answers need to be polite and they can be humorous, if you want to. The main thing is that they should not cause quarrels. Read on to learn how to come up with great answers to awkward questions.

1. Are You Dating Anyone?

Why they ask this question is actually understandable. Your family members love you and want you to be happy. They don’t want you to feel lonely. They think that you’re a great person and deserve to be in a relationship. So don’t let this question embarrass you. If you’re single or don’t want to discuss your new boyfriend or girlfriend, there are a couple of answers you can give.

Answer #1: “Currently, I’m trying to focus on the studies and on finding a good job. I just don’t have time for building a healthy relationship.” It’s a good argumentative point that will persuade your relatives that you take your studies very seriously.

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