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  • Tips for Research Paper on Breast Cancer

    Tips for Research Paper on Breast Cancer

    The modern world offers you a lot of new researches into all types of cancer. All students face many problems before starting their paper. We will discuss and analyze the main steps and tips on how to make your research paper the best one. Theme The first problem many students face – is how to choose the relevant and topical theme. There are six "branches" of the breast cancer which you may examine in your research paper. What are the main and the most popular symptoms and their features? You may determine which of them are most accurate and dangerous. How to diagnose the breast ...

  • Essays about Positive Stereotypes

    Essays about Positive Stereotypes

    Stereotype is a stable attitude of a person or people to events, based on the basis of their cultural and personal background. In other words, stereotypes are relatively stable and simplified images of a social group, a person, or even a phenomenon. Every nation has its own stereotypical notions of the world around us, people, the representatives of another culture. A stereotype, as a ready-made perception pattern, allows a person to build the suppositions about the reasons and possible consequences of own and other people’s deeds. Though a stereotype may prevent new ideas from ...

  • Connection Between Language And Thinking

    Connection Between Language And Thinking

    The main purpose of language is to ensure the communication among people. We cannot imagine our life without communication because it contributes to the growth of the human civilization. On the contrary, there is a question whether we need a language to communicate with others and formulate our thoughts? Let’s discover it further in the article. Human Thinking before the Emergence of Spoken Language Cavemen did not speak a language, so how did they manage to think? What was going on in their minds? There is also a popular story about a boy who lived among wolves. He did not know a ...

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