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Non-Parental Child Care uk

Buy custom Non-Parental Child Care essay uk

Non parental child care is the care provided by other people rather than the parents. There are three different types of non parental child care. They can be for profit, or non- profit making, private or public. To start with, there is home child care. This child care, the caregivers come to your home to take care of your child and may also help with other house work. It has various advantages; the child has to stay in their home because it is suitable for working parents to not have the extra work of getting the child get dressed and taking them to another place, the children will not be exposed to childhood illness. It has the following disadvantages. These are; the care provider may become ill or have personal issues or find a better work without giving a notice. It is more expensive than other types of child care.

The second type is called family child care. This usually refers to one or many people who offer care for a small party of children in their residence. It has the following advantages; it is less expensive than other types of child care since a group of children are the ones who determine the remuneration of the caregivers, the child gain experience of being in home like environment and being flexible in hours and other activities. It also has the following disadvantages. It is difficult for the caregiver to make sure the protection and care of all the children; it is also difficult to make sure the child to adult ratio is acceptable in order to determine the remuneration of the caregiver. Lastly, we have child care centers. These are also referred as; nursery schools, preschools and also as day care centers. 

The chain centers are very common to many people, and they are often provide optimal hours for parents. They also offer appealing activities for the children. These centers do not leave any vacancy for disparity and imagination in their operations. The child care center that is not for making profit are usually associated with institutions such as; churches, universities and community based programs. The child care centers that are for making profit, can also be beneficial but they are often more expensive than others.

These child care centers provide financial aid in order to meet the needs of families. They seek help from families in order to help them with fund raising and other in order to keep the centers operational. These centers include the following advantages. These centers are controlled by statute and are more easily detected than private child care.  The child to adult ratio is controlled in order to make sure that the child gets enough individual concentration. It also has the following disadvantages; the child will be exposed to germs that move from child to child. The activities will not be tailored to meet the child’s need or interest (Bern’s, 2009).

Non parental child care has the following effect on brain of a child.  The child develops his head in learning how to catch a bottle with the help of a caregiver instead of breast feeding, singing also rocking. The child learns that a specific caregiver provides them with safe, predictable and safe world. The psychological research has shown that the tread in two parents working, and child care centers are not adequate for the health development of the young child’s mind. The non parental child care has also the following influence on social factors.

The families select the centers that are ethnically based with their cultures. They also consider economic factors before deciding which non parental child care is economical to them. They also look for likelihood of people who will care of their children. Non parental child care has also had the following influence on cognitive development. The quality of a child care matters to children’s cognitive, language, and behavioral development. The knowledge about child care quality often comes from child development (Steinberg & Bornstein, 2010).

Buy custom Non-Parental Child Care essay uk

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