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Admission Short Essay

My extracurricular activities

Having been brought up in Korea and went through a homeschooling program in my general educational development (GED), I have had more opportunities to involve myself in many extracurricular activities. I was ones a vocalist in the Korean Indi rock band where I was providing the backing and harmony vocals.

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During this moment, I was able to express my love for music and get the fulfillment in my life. This was more less not enough for me that I decided to join Seoul community orchestra where I was a member. We were able to blossom with the entire group when we finally became maestros to represent the Korean music community. At one time, I was recorded to be the second best violinist in the community.

Another extracurricular activity I have involved myself is being a math tutor for middle school student in private institute. My interaction with students especially through online was a fantastic experience for me in that I developed more of computer skills and communication skills.

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