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Dear Admission Committee:

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It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter requesting for consideration concerning my admission at UCSD. I understand the careful decision made earlier concerning my admission (in the faculty of economics-quote the program you were admitted to) and appreciate the opportunity given that I humbly make this appeal. I have grown and developed a perpetual interest of attaining my academic maturity and development at UCSD for the unique culture and credentials accorded this great institution.

I have been able to gain massive experience in the Business and Ecnomic Despines throughout my academic and social life; and in which I modestly seek admission. I had my successful high school studies in Business and Economics at (Name of School) in England. I joined the Young Enterprise Program ran by HSBC in the Capacity of a Finance Director through which I led our team into getting the Most Innovative Product award.  I further advanced my studies at De Anza College, participating in the as a real life investment. I had a successful spell working at Fornix Corp. as an intern and later part-timer where I acquired colossal knowledge on the importaance of communication in effective management and later at Multi Circuit Board getting an insight into electrical marketing. Motivated by insights in this field, I have worked as a banker at Lloyds TSB Bank in England.

I am keen to pursuing my academic career at your institution and promise to abide by the rules and regulations as required of me and uphold the exceptional academic standards your institution has sustain through dedication and hard work.

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I will be grateful if this appeal will meet your criterion for consideration.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

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