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Codes of ethics are virtually used everywhere in the society. They are the guiding rules by which we live by, and even individuals have their own codes of conduct that guide them in their everyday life (Samita, 2003). These may not be written down like the office ones, but they are known by the individual, there are certain things that one may not do as it is against their codes of ethics.

In an institution or organization, codes of conduct are vital as they guide the operations the employees will have with each other as well as the clients who may seek their services. Violation of these codes of ethics always has a penalty (Agarwal, 1983).

Considering Georgia’s case, several ethical issues, may arise as a result of his conduct. First of all, there is the possibility of him not being as productive as he ought to be, based on the fact that he is working with his spouse in the same place. This is the first ethical violation because every institution expects every employee to be totally dedicated to their work. In this case, both Georgia and Rex may not be fully productive as they may bring personal issues in the workplace. There is also a breach of ethics when Georgia is dating Rex as it is against the codes of ethics in an institution to date a student.

We are also told that Rex was not competent enough for work and this may result in the delivering of poor services, which is also, not acceptable in an institution. According to Gardner, (2007), responsibility and excellent service provision are always expected of all employees. Responsibility will also be in question as we can see Georgia is already taking time within the office hours to take Rex for lunch. That time would have been used for work that benefits the institution.

It is wrong for Georgia to date Rex considering she is his student, and this may also affect their productivity in the institution. Teacher student relationships are also highly prohibited.

The college may face the legal issues by being sued for offering poor services to their clients as a result of hiring Rex who was not competent enough for the administrative position. They may be faced with problems due to poor administration from Rex who is incompetent.

If I were an attorney representing the college, I would advise them to fire Georgia as an instructor. This would prevent any further problem because he may date other students too. On the aspect of hiring employees, I would advise them to be seeking the services of an external interviewer when interviewing someone to fill a vacant position. This will ensure that the person being assigned the position is competent as there will be no favors in the appointment but purely on the basis of merit.

It is crucial to adhere to the set codes of conduct in an institution as this will help us not to be in any kind of trouble with the management of the institution. The likelihood getting into trouble with the legal bodies will also be reduced.

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