How to Succeed in Multiple Choice Questions – Expert Guide!

There is no doubt that multiple choice tests are a very popular form of assessment with educators. Teachers find these tests easy to build and to score. Getting good at completing multiple choice questions involves mastering a course’s content and having the skills required to take tests successfully. The strategies described below are designed to help you improve your scores in tests that involve multiple choice queries. They are also aimed at improving the possibility of students’ choosing the correct answers.

  • Work quickly

Working at speed can save you time on questions that are easy and allow you to concentrate on the more difficult ones. When you are taking the tests containing multiple choice items, the best time to make yourself work quickly is at the beginning. Once you are able to immediately answer a question, you should not linger any longer over it. Just provide the answer and move quickly to the next question.

  • Eliminate obvious wrong answers

In most cases, multiple choice exams are more about eliminating incorrect answers and working out which answers are correct. The reason for this might not immediately seem obvious, but think about the following:

Multiple-choice questions usually have three incorrect answers and just one correct answer.

Hence, it can be easier to spot three incorrect answers than it is to spot the one correct answer in multiple choice tasks.

With multiple choice assignments, there is no limit to the ways in which any one answer can be incorrect. Therefore, answers are often easier to invalidate or disprove than to prove. This can be problematic where the test-taker has to build an answer and it is one of the advantages of having a choice of answers.

  • Skip over tough and/or surprising multiple choice queries.

When you first skim through multiple choice items, do not focus for long on any particular question(s). In the event you feel you need to think for a while about any question (or if the answer is beyond you), skip over it. Return to it when you have answered the easier test questions.

  • Mark questions you are certain of

It is a good idea to mark the questions you are confident you answered correctly. So, when you answer a question you absolutely know you got right, place a checkmark next to that question’s number. These marks will enable you to easily identify the questions you still need to answer.

  • Surprising ways to remember answers

The human memory can be amazingly powerful if you link information. In the case of the tasks including multiple choice points, it is not necessary to be able to recall the exact right answer in order to answer a question correctly. In the event you are finding it difficult to remember some piece of information, then stop trying to recollect it. Instead, focus on trying to remember information related to that question.

Why Students Often Find Multiple Choice Questions Difficult

The reasons why students sometimes find these questions difficult to handle are numerous and varied. Sometimes it is because their teachers do not explain the topic properly or, at other times, because the student never manages to fully understand a concept or topic. Either way, the student usually suffers because this failure to understand hinders them from answering test questions correctly.

Where the marking of multiple choice tasks is concerned, students sometimes fail because they have not properly read, grasped, or understood the instructions. There are various types of multiple choice queries and the rules can also vary but this is a fact that a lot of students do not know. Consequently, they can find these types of questions and tests difficult, not least because they have to choose an answer from a number of options.

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